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  • The Talented Indian

    Her belief that “when we put our heart and soul into something we really want, we don’t hesitate to undertake the journey, however daunting it may be”, is the crux of all achievements in life. Through her poetry, she explores the theme of self-love. In the moments of life when we feel crushed and broken and when nothing seems to work for us, it is those moments that Vinati paints with optimism and hope through her brilliant words.

  • She did that

    "Udaari is a beautiful journey, something which started off as a ridiculous idea at the back of my mind is now sitting on the bedside table and in the hands of so many amazing readers across the world. Honestly, there is nothing more magical in my life right now."

  • Cosmopolitan India March 2019

    "Vinati began writing at the age of 13, and since then she has evolved into a poet whose short poems will linger in your mind long after you have read them."

  • Hindustan Times HT City

    Popular on storytelling platforms such as Terribly Tiny Tales and Scribbled Stories, Bhola is a lawyerturned-poet whose words ooze courage and a sense of freshness that keeps the readers engaged. With over 27k followers on Instagram, her posts are often shared across various social media platforms. There are reflections of a Rumi and Charles Bukowski like flow in her words, and that comes as no surprise as the poet has often referred to them as her favourites. If it’s easy flowing verses that you love then Vinati’s words are for you.

  • Filtercopy

    "See, Vinati's poems calm me down. But they also have me feeling a little braver, like all the times I break the rules and stand up for myself are worth it. Her book Udaari is quite possibly one of my most treasured possessions, and also - you're welcome."