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    29 Tiny Poems For Every Rebel Who Feels Too Much

    "See, Vinati's poems calm me down. But they also have me feeling a little braver, like all the times I break the rules and stand up for myself are worth it. Her book Udaari is quite possibly one of my most treasured possessions, and also - you're welcome."

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    20 Modern Indian Poets Who Will Make You Fall In Love With Poetry

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    11 Poets On Social Media Who Are Killing It With One Word At A Time

    Being touted for her phenomenal work in the field of poetry as a poet, Vinati is an internationally published poet based out of New Delhi and manages an Instagram page with over 20,000 followers. Her first collection of poems 'Udaari' revolves around the theme of self-love and acceptance. By the way, she’s also a practicing lawyer by profession.

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    Instagram Poets To Follow Right Now

    Vinati Bhola is an internationally published poet based in Delhi. She works as a lawyer but falls back on poetry, time and again to keep up with the monotony of everyday life. Writing since the age of thirteen, she believes poetry is so much more than romanticizing emotions. “It is an art, as simple as breathing and as complex as living.” When not writing or lawyering, she likes to bake the world’s yummiest oatmeal raisin cookies in her free time.

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    Harper’s Bazaar India October issue 2017: Indian Instagram Poets

    Vinati from @writingsofvinati says "to me, it is beautiful that we as humans have the capability to break and heal all by ourselves and that is what I want to convey- that even if you're in hard times, you'll get over it."